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Robin Trower / Live

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Queen / The Game - Rich Records Buy Vinyl Online

Queen / The Game

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The Kinks / Misfits

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Cher / Foxy Lady

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Rock Vinyl Records

Rock 'n' Roll is technically a fast paced genre originating out of North America in the 1940/50's, evolving from genre's such as Boogie, Jazz and Gospel. The Rock and Roll we know developed further in the 1960's out of London and the west coast of America from the likes of The Beatles and The Beach Boys. The 1970's saw Rock music take a darker path as did the culture surrounding it, with heavier guitars and more excessive drum-set arrangements. Progressive Rock, now somewhat dated and self indulgent, expanded on the simple structures of Rock, turning rock into 10 minute epic's covering multiple key and time signature changes. Popular sub-genre's of Rock include: Psychedelic, Grunge, Indie, Metal.

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