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Reggae Vinyl Records


The word Reggae has been derived from 'rege-rege', a Jamaican saying for "rags" or old clothing. In 1960 Reggae began to evolve through different styles such as Rocksteady and Ska. It is music from and for the people of Jamaica and speaks of struggle and hope. Reggae became internationally recognised of course through the artist Bob Marley in the 1970's.

Have a browse of our hand selected reggae records and you'll be sure to find some of your favourites.

If not, try coming back in a month or so - we're always adding more records in our online store. Keep an eye on our instagram page, we post our weekly 'new arrivals'.

Looking to try before you buy? We are currently working on a shop location in Glen Waverley. If you'd like to know more about the condition of a vinyl, feel free to contact us anytime!