How To Sell Vinyl

It's the fear of being ripped off! No-one likes that feeling after walking away from a questionable deal. Let's discuss how vinyl is sold. How do record stores decide on the price of your valuable vinyl? There are a multitude of ways a vinyl record seller can acquire records, some include cherry picking rare records and simply buying entire collections. Entire collection purchases are based on the assumption that only a small percentage will actually sell, and the remainder will move slowly, or not at all.

The vinyl community are driven by curiosity.

But how is a price determined? As the buyer and seller, it's important to be in touch with what sells and what does not, you may see online that your record is highly priced, but that does not necessarily mean it will sell. Contact us directly to discuss what aspects of your collection may be of value. A major contributing factor (aside from the condition of your record) to remember when selling your records is 'time'. The time it takes to individually photograph, price and upload, and the time it takes for a record to recoup its cost. A record store has time, and sells vinyl for a living. They are willing to sit on stock for months or even years until it sells. These are factors to remember when managing expectations and determining the value of your collection.

When we buy vinyl individually, we pay 20-50% of our selling price in cash and offer the opportunity to trade records for others. In general we pay a higher percentage of the value for the more expensive titles and less for the cheaper titles. Record collections big or small can be worthwhile selling, and the weirder the titles the better! Buyers are always looking for the classics, like The Beatles, but there's also a place for the more obscure titles. The vinyl community are driven by curiosity.

We’re an online website, based in Melbourne, so when we buy we drive out to location, other times we receive spreadsheets that give a good description of genre and condition and a deal can be discussed online. We find this is easiest for both the seller and the buyer.

Here is a list of Genre’s we’re interested in buying at the moment:

Rock (Psychedelic, Alt Rock, Grunge, Metal etc)

Jazz Funk / Fusion

Hip hop / Rap

Funk & Soul

Obscure 80’s titles

Drum ’n’ bass / Jungle

Techno / House / Electronica

Reggae / Dub

If you would like to discuss how to sell your records, contact us today at