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Recommended by a friend and so far very very impressed by the 1. CUSTOMER SERVICE  2. DELIVERY  3. QUALITY OF VINYL PURCHASED  4. CUSTOMER FRIENDLY WEBSITE ( This is one of the best sites that i have found to purchase vinyl records from. Extremely clean and User Friendly ) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rich for vinyl lovers.

John Rose

What can I say about Rich Records? It is by far the best place to buy second-hand vinyl online. I am yet to come across a better site to navigate and 'dig' for vinyl on the web. Their hand-picked used vinyl; mostly imported from overseas are very well priced for the quality. Each and every album listed has photographs of the actual item (front and back) and the media visually graded accurately. The thing I love the most is they have YouTube links to every single album listed so that you can virtually listen to them. The ordering process is very streamlined (with postal tracking), and customer service is second to none. They also have a great 'on sale' section with some real bargains! Over the last 9 months, I have made half a dozen orders and have purchased 40+ records from them - I highly recommended Rich Records! Oh, and he's (Rich) a really nice guy to boot...

Isamu Sawa

What a fantastic place to buy records from, I've brought records from them a few times now & the service is always superb, the record ratings are accurate, the range of records provides hours of enjoyable browsing, the delivery times are quick & fast, will be coming back to buy more.

Cale Wilk

I bought a record from Rich listed as being in very good condition. It was actually in mint condition. I couldn't be happier with the LP supplied.

Matthew Leys